im pretty open to everything, so follow me ;D and together we can make the world a place of hugs and scarcasm!! >;)

how do i get ?’s

i want to b asked ?’s but i dnt know how that works or any ppl on here :/

Pants are pointless!xD

-sam and shays convo- *sam finishes eating lunch with me* sam:time to put pants on i guess *walks away* shay: y? pants are pointless *walks into the room and sits down* -i walk in the room and rip off my pants- I FEEL FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh how my cousin loves me ^-^

69!!!! 69.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ughhh! sammeh(;
me! ^-^

me! ^-^

Song stuck in my head ;P

one more day we made it through and i got my list, got my list ^-^ -song idk the name but off dakota skye<3




to like something is to b happy with limitations, but to love is to be happy with no limitations at all <3 my mind ;D

lets talk!:D

  • me: hia!:D

soo any ?’s

YOU should ask me stuff!!;D i will most defintely return the favor!^-^

yellow ;D

yellow ;D

"i got a jar of dirt!!!"-captian jack sparrow/johnny depp<3 pirates of the carribean ;D